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Cricket Scorers in Mayiladuthurai


Do you want to register as a scorer on the CricHeroes App?

Scorekeeping is one of the most important responsibilities of a cricket match. No matter where the match is played, how it is played, what format it is of, someone has to keep the scores. A small mistake can create a huge ruckus and that means if you are a professional or even an amateur one, a lot depends on you. Apart from keeping the scores accurately, the scorer also needs full understanding of umpire signals and names of all the players!

CricHeroes has tried to solve one major component of scoring by designing a 10x easy to use Scoring App. Even if you have never done scoring before, you should be ready to score a cricket match in a few minutes with no training. We are also creating a community where cricketers, organisers can find the scorers for their matches and tournaments easily. All you need to do to become part of the community is to register yourself as a scorer on the Cricheroes App.

How can you register as a Scorer on CricHeroes?

  • Download the CricHeroes App.
  • Register yourself as a Scorer in Ecosystem > Scorer.
  • Fill in basic details of yourself along with your fees and pictures.
  • Submit the details for review.
  • See yourself as a Scorer in the Ecosystem after a few days.
  • Start scoring, easily!

How does the ecosystem of scorers benefit players and tournament organisers?

  • Promptly find Scorers near your location
  • Check their reviews and ratings
  • Check their previously scored matches
  • Check their per match fees and other details
  • Connect with them easily

CricHeroes has more than 14K scorers registered across the globe who are scoring matches and have deep understanding of scoring on the CricHeroes App.

We also provide training to Scorers who are willing to learn digital scoring on CricHeroes. You can contact us for the same.